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Topic:   link symbol not showing

By: GuestPosted on: Jul 23 2020 at 03:16:40 AM
When a link is added to a component/assembly and no link name is entered the link symbol is not shown in the components overview or when a component is searched for. Is this intentional? Now it is possible to add links without them being visible/clickable. This is in version

By: SupportPosted on: Jul 23 2020 at 10:27:23 AM
Sorry. I can't reproduce this problem. I always see the links icon even if the link has no name.

I did this:

Select an item and go to edit. Select Links Tab. Add Link (with address/URL but no name)
Press Back button. I now see the link icon.
Refresh/reload the list and the icon is still there.

Can you list the steps you take to reproduce the problem.

By: GuestPosted on: Jul 28 2020 at 08:11:09 AM
I did some more testing with it, but it also seems some icons are not shown where names are added. This is completely random. Some components do show the link icon, some don't.

I must add to this that I'm using miniMRP with a MySQL database hosted locally. Previously running a single version of miniMRP with a local database I have never seen any issues with the links.

By: Ken at DTSPosted on: Jul 28 2020 at 10:54:33 AM
We have also seen issues where the Link icons do not appear in the Components list. We always include link names.

As I recall, I noticed this problem before our recent migration from the JET database to Microsoft SQL Server Express. The solution was for me to open the All Components view, use my eyeballs to to look for parts without link icons, open the part for editing, add a space to the Description, remove the space (thus forcing the Save icon to appear), then save the part.

By: GuestPosted on: Jul 29 2020 at 02:46:47 AM
Hi Ken, thanks for sharing your workaround. This gives me the link icon back for now. Seems that there is a bug somewhere with the icons.

By: GuestPosted on: Jul 29 2020 at 03:10:38 AM
Another addition: Using save as on a component that has a link (+icon) results in a new component that does shown the link icon but does not have any links.

By: StevePosted on: Jul 29 2020 at 05:07:22 AM
I find if I run the "Check Resync Compact" option from the backup and restore menu it sorts it out, backup first.

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Topic:- link symbol not showing

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