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Topic:   Link PO's in parts history

By: MelissaPosted on: May 12 2021 at 08:55:16 AM
MRP PRO/Components/All Components/Part Number/History/Description/ "Purchase Order: 12345" Is it possible to create a link which links that description "Purchase Order: 12345" to the actual closed Purchase Order "12345"? Open PO's as well? This would really make my life much easier ;) Thanks!

By: SupportPosted on: May 12 2021 at 01:58:58 PM
It is possible. I've put this into the suggestion box.

By: MelissaPosted on: May 12 2021 at 03:30:04 PM
The information I am referring to is automatically generated. I would like, if possible, the information that is generated to automatically link to the PO # to which the description refers.

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Topic:- Link PO's in parts history

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