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Topic:   license key issues

By: Aaron Foster JabilPosted on: Apr 27 2022 at 09:23:54 AM
license key #'s do not seem to be communicating with each other users in my organization.

Lience Keys deleted from this post

Please do not post yopur licence keys on the forum

By: SupportPosted on: Apr 27 2022 at 10:16:01 AM
I deleted the keys from your forum post.

Please do not post personal data on the forum where everyone else can read it.

I assume your problem is that your users are not seeing the same database? Is that correct?

The keys have nothing to do with the way users share data. The way all users can see the same database is the way you have configured the software.

You can contact us by email

By: SupportPosted on: Apr 27 2022 at 10:19:04 AM
This page explains how to set it up so that multiple users can access the same data at the same time

Click Here

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Topic:- license key issues

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