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Topic:   Latest Version Info Please

By: Stephen CohrsPosted on: Oct 8 2020 at 02:55:46 PM
We are at Pro Version
What is the latest version and what are the major reasons to upgrade (features, bugs)?

By: SupportPosted on: Oct 9 2020 at 10:14:56 AM
Latest version is 5.0.85

5.0.50 fixed bug in shortage report where OnHand quantity could be reported incorrectly if an item existed in more than one place in the same BOM/Parts list.

5.0.51 Updated the MySQL Connector for connecting to MySQL databases v8 and above. Does not affect any Microsoft databases.

5.0.54 Improvement to the P&V Importer/restore (P&V, in case you don't know, is (was) a legacy product from another company that's no longer supported. We now allow users of those systems an easy migration path to MiniMRP)

5.0.55 Fixed bug where listing "Items By Category" failed if category name contained an Apostrophe/single quote.

5.0.57 When adding items to a customer order it could show a numeric ItemID rather than the actual part number. This corrected itself when the order was saved/refreshed but could still be confusing.

5.0.63 Added Job/Costing Ref to Purchase Order

5.0.64 Added report to group spending by Job/Costing Ref.

5.0.66 Added 'Comments/Notes' column to Onscreen Purchase order. (As 3rd row when printing)

5.0.70 Option to ' display' inside CSAS assemblies in OnScreen BOM.

5.0.71 Added a 'Note' column to on-screen customer order. (Displayed as 3rd row on printout).

5.0.72 Fixed bug introduced in 5.0.71 where Assembly Editor would show price column showing UOM (ie BOX) price rather than price each.

5.0.73 Added 'Tab Delimiter' option to CSV import (Useful for euro/nonEnglish locales where comma is used as decimal point)

5.0.75 Fixed rare bug in GoodIn process which only occurred if text in BIN column contained a apostrophe/single quote.

5.0.80 Fixed very rare bug in StockAdjust which only occurred if multiple users were adjusting the same item at the same time.

5.0.82 Fixed bug in shortage forecast which only affected MySQL databases (ie did not Default or MS SQL Datqbases)

5.0.83 Assembly costs could sometimes be calculated incorrectly if components on the assembly were supplied in different currencies. (Under some circumstances currency conversion would be done twice)

5.0.85 Exporting Purchase Orders to CSV now includes columns for PONumber, Vendor, PO Date. We don't support or recommend any accounting packages but, we hear, this layout is better for 3rd party tools that can import purchase orders into QuickBooks, and others.

There's quite a few revisions not mentioned above but those were minor updates/bug fixes that users wouldn't usually notice anyway.

After all that though please allow me to suggest that there's no reason to update unless you're actually experiencing a problem. If it works. Don't fix it.

By: Stephen CohrsPosted on: Oct 10 2020 at 07:35:30 AM
Thank you for the update.

By: StevePosted on: Oct 11 2020 at 05:16:57 PM
Thanks for the information

By: Ken at DTSPosted on: Oct 12 2020 at 06:28:27 AM
Thank you for the information. Posting a change log for each update lets us know if there are new features that could be useful to us. (For example, our Accounting department might now be able to use the Export PO function thanks to the 5.0.85 changes.)

By: SupportPosted on: Feb 24 2021 at 08:49:10 AM
5.0.88 Fixed a problem where adding items to an existing customer Quote could sometimes result in the added item being added twice.

5.0.90 In List of PurchaseOrders a clickable (i) icon was added to each order row where any items on the order have been received. To identify partially received orders and quicker access to the relevant GRNs

5.0.92 Fixed a bug where RFQs could appear as POs in reports/purchasing reports.

5.0.93 Fixed a potential problem in WorkOrder shortage report which could have resulted in blank rows if an item appeared more than once in the same BOM.

5.0.94 Fixed Work Order Date Picker where the date left/right buttons didn't work.

5.0.96 Fixed problem in Parts List/Assembly editor where MISC items appears as PART

5.0.97 Fixed display problem in Indented BOM when viewing inside CSAS assemblies

5.0.98 Fixed a bug that was introduced a couple of revisions ago which only affected case sensitive installations of MySQL Server

5.0.99 Fixed a potential problem where some Work Order processes would consume (reduce quantities of) MISC items. (MISC items should not be deducted by Work Orders)

As usual there's quite a few revisions not mentioned above but those were minor updates/bug fixes that may not have been released or users wouldn't usually notice anyway.

By: Stefan MelitechPosted on: Jun 8 2021 at 06:25:12 AM
We now seem to be in V5.0.111. What has changed? And before in V4 there was this change log available for everyone to see in the download page. Can you re introduce it so we can see what changed from 1 version to another? Thanks

By: GuestPosted on: Jun 9 2021 at 03:21:21 AM
I'm just a user of minimrp so I do not know for sure what their policy is. But we also make software for our own products and our policy is:-

1. There are no new features. Just bug fixes. So there is no benefit in downloading every new release.

2. If you do have a problem then download the latest and see if it fixes your problem. Report it if it does not.

3. If you do not have a problem then do not install any update.

That's our policy. I imagine minimrp , and many other software producers, has the same policy. and ptobably the reason why many software companies don't publish the change log - because people see new version and download it even though they don't need it.

If it aint broke - don't fix it.

By: GuestPosted on: Aug 15 2021 at 03:22:11 PM
If you do not have a problem then do not install any update, not the brightest idea, If there’s bug fixes then you should update, otherwise pointless fixing bugs, somewhere one of the bugs are going to trip you up, so it’s wise to actually update.

By: GuestPosted on: Aug 17 2021 at 12:15:16 PM
The problems with software, any software, is that an update might be released to introduce a new feature and then, over the next few days/weeks, a dozen more updates are released to fix bugs that were introduced in the previous update which, in turn, fix one bug and introduce another.

Why do you think Microsoft release so many updates. Almost every day your computer is download a system update from Microsoft. These are not nice new features. They're fixing bugs that were introduced in the last bug fix.

So. Updating if you don't have a problem will often introduce a new bug.

By: GuestPosted on: Aug 19 2021 at 02:26:40 AM
Unless you are trying to find out if something in the "Todo" list has actually been done!

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