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Topic:   Inventory Report does not match Assemblies

By: MatthewPosted on: Jul 5 2023 at 01:16:15 PM
I have just uploaded inventory for the quarter as I have done every quarter since using the system. this time however I find after the upload the inventory report shows some duplicated part numbers that do not show up on the assembly list???? How do I correct the inventory report?

By: SupportPosted on: Jul 6 2023 at 11:40:29 AM
Thank you for sending the pictures.

You should now have a reply to your email. I'll repeat the gist of it here for the benefit of anyone else.

The reason you have duplicate part numbers after importing is that you did not include the Revision column. Many of your assemblies have revision numbers. If you import a CSV containing part number that already exist in your inventory but the parts in your inventory have revision number AND you fail to include the revision from the CSV then MiniMRP must assume it's a different item so creates a new one.

Also these new parts were imported as PART (Not assembly) so you'll find them in the "All Components" list (Not in the All Assemblies list)

How to fix it. I'd say the best thing to do would be to delete those duplicates. You could delete them one at a time but if there's a few it might take a while. You can select a few rows and delete all at once.

First thing. Make a backup. You can never take too many backups.

Notice that those duplicates don't have a Description. You didn't import the description column. This is actually good because it makes it easy to see which are the bad ones.

Go to "All Components". You should be able to click on the Description column header and sort by description. This should group together all those bad items that have a blank descriptions.

In the top right corner of the All Components window is a small menu button (The button with 3 lines). Click that and a small menu should open. One of the options should be "Row Select". This exposes a new column to the far left of the gris. A little button to the left of the [>] button). Click with the left mouse button on that button to select that row. Now hold down the shift key on the keyboard and press the cursor down key to quickly scroll down the list highlighting more of those items with blank description.

Once you've selected a group of rows. Click with the Right mouse button into the middle of the highlighted rows and select the DELETE option.

That should delete all those bad items.

You might want to Import again. Make another backup first This time when importing remember to include the revision column.

By: MatthewPosted on: Jul 6 2023 at 01:00:39 PM
Worked great. Thanks

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Topic:- Inventory Report does not match Assemblies

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