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Topic:   Incorrect Assembly Cost

By: GuestPosted on: Sep 5 2022 at 03:08:10 AM
I have noticed that when looking at the "Assemblies" list the "build cost" is different to that shown in the "Read indented parts list" (bottom right) amount - i have checked the totals, and this is the correct amount - not as shown in the "Build Cost".

Why is this - i have been using wrong figures?

By: GuestPosted on: Sep 5 2022 at 07:58:52 AM
Possibly data corruption.

In the very bottom of menu at the left of the program window is the tools area. In there is a 'Check/Resync' button. Click that and it'll check your data and correct any problems in the build cost.

Make a backup first.

By: GuestPosted on: Sep 7 2022 at 01:36:58 AM

Yes already tried that, it made no difference.


By: SupportPosted on: Sep 7 2022 at 03:25:37 AM
When you start minimrp there's an 'About' button at the bottom. That shows the version number. I think we're currently around 5.0.125

Make sure you have the latest version. Then do the resync again.

If that doesn't fix it please email so we know who you are.

By: GuestPosted on: Sep 12 2022 at 04:59:17 AM
Just to clarify, issue resolved, was caused by using "Overkit" rounding causing a cost difference.

Although i think the cost shown on the "Assemblies" list should be correct always, regardless of what is causing it - this should be the same as shown in "Read Indented Parts List".

Thanks -

By: GuestPosted on: Sep 12 2022 at 09:09:40 AM
The problem with the build cost column on the Assemblies list is that that is the cost to build ONE assembly.

Remember that the OverKit quantity is always rounded up to ONE WHOLE component. Including the cost of Overkitted components into the assemblies list could, in theory, double the cost shown in the Build Cost column.

The total build cost shown in the "Read Indented Parts List" or BOM will be different especially when the BOM is to build a number of assemblies - the cost of overkitted components is spread across the cost to build multiple assemblies.

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Topic:- Incorrect Assembly Cost

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