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Topic:   Import from Quickbooks

By: Mark CarpenterPosted on: Nov 7 2017 at 07:49:18 PM
Hello, I read the threads re: Quickbooks integration and I have a different question. Can minimrp import BOM structures exported from Quickbooks? I'd have no problem recreating POs and updating sales orders, but I have a multi-level BOM in QB that I'd prefer not to manually recreate. I'm interested in miniMRP more for the planning portion to see what raw materials I've already committed to previous mfging orders when creating a new mfging order so that I can keep an eye on raw material demands. thanks, Mark (mark@gentent.com)

By: SupportPosted on: Nov 8 2017 at 11:56:42 AM
Currently there's no way to import a MultiLevel BOM from quickbooks.

If Quickbooks can export single level BOM as CSV then they can be imported into MiniMRP.

If you can break your MultiLevel BOM into multiple csv files. One file for each sub assembly then you could import those. MiniMRP should then recognise the parent/child relationships and present it as a MultiLevel BOM.

But I have a question - That MultiLevel BOM from QuickBooks. Is it a CSV in a common/standard format? If so would you be prepared to send it to us? We'd consider adding the MultiLevel import capability to MiniMRP in future versions.

By: Mark CarpenterPosted on: Nov 8 2017 at 08:26:04 PM
Please contact me mark@gentent.com and I will be happy to collaborate with you. I will export my BOMs in whatever formats Quickbooks will allow and provide them.

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Topic:- Import from Quickbooks

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