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Topic:   Import and assign into ASSY

By: CSimpsonPosted on: Aug 10 2018 at 10:09:51 AM
Hi there, I have lots of components to import and want to assign them to a new assemply during the import - is this possible? The only was I see this possible at the moment is to import all and then manually assign all parts to assemble, which if you have a lot of parts, takes a long time. Best wishes Craig

By: JamesCorningPosted on: Aug 12 2018 at 04:58:42 AM
In the menu on the left select "Assemblies/All Assemblies".

That brings up a list of all your assemblies. To the left of each row is a small [>] button.

Click that button and a small menu of options appears.

Select the option "Read Parts List/BOM from CSV".

That allows you to 'Import' a list of components into MiniMRP and create the assembly PartsList.

That option "Read" parts list/bom rather than Import parts list is because it doesn't matter if the components already exist in your inventory or not.

If the components from the CSV do NOT exist in your inventory they will be imported/created.
If the components being imported DO exist then they will not be created again. They'll just be related to the assembly.

So, it's probably best to import the CSV into your inventory first using "Inventory/Import" because the inventory import can import more fields such as suppliers, price etc.

Then use the "Assemblies, Read PartsList/BOM from CSV to create the assembly relationship.

Sounds a little long winded but that's the way I explain it, sorry. In practice it's really very quick/efficient.

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Topic:- Import and assign into ASSY

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