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Topic:   Global Part Replacement Function

By: Stephen CohrsPosted on: Mar 3 2021 at 12:50:05 PM
How can one replace all the occurrences of one part in many (or selected) assemblies?

For example, an existing part is obsoleted by the manufacturer and you use it in many assemblies. You then get a new part that you want to use as a replacement. Now you need to update your database to reflect the new part number.
To change all the assemblies one at a time is tedious and prone to error.

I am looking for a way to build on the "Used In" function for miniMRP to List all the assemblies where a part is used and then select the ones you want to change to a New Part number? I think it would be part of the Inventory menu system.

To me, this is essential BOM Management.


By: GuestPosted on: Mar 4 2021 at 04:12:08 AM
If you go to All Components and double-click on the obsolete part that opens the detail window for that part. You could edit the details of that part, change its part number etc. and save. That new part number will now appear in all BOMs where that part is used.

By: SupportPosted on: Mar 4 2021 at 05:00:16 AM
The method suggested by 'Guest' would be a work-around I suppose but not ideal because it really is a Global change including historic. So the new part number replaces everything as if the old one never existed.

Stehen. I hear what you say when you say that you think a global replace would be part of inventory system.

But you are the only person in over 25 years to ever ask for this capability.

I'm sure every user of MiniMRP will be able to think of at least one missing feature that they think should be included in any inventory system. The problem is they'd all be very different. If we included every one we would not have a MiniMRP system. We'd be adding a 1000 new features. 1 that you want and 999 that you can do without. MiniMRP would be 'Bloat' MRP just like the 100's of other Bloat MRP programs out there.

So I'm sorry. As it stands. There is no global replace in MiniMRP.

By: Stephen CohrsPosted on: Mar 4 2021 at 09:44:28 AM
We developed a BOM/Costing system at Nortel in the 90s which included a lot of search and manipulations including this feature. It was a key element in managing ever-changing data.
Imagine if you had a bolt used in every assembly and had to change it to a new part number, how tedious that would be. Or if you had an assembly that had a design change and needed to be replaced across the board.

Thanks Guest, your suggestion could be altered to save the original part by doing a "Save As" first. Give the obsolete one a new name, then change the original name and details to the new part.

Support, I understand your bloatware comment.

By: IanS (Support Mgr)Posted on: Mar 5 2021 at 06:32:40 AM
Stephen. I've pushed your request into the suggestion box.

I feel that global replace is a nice feature and, to be honest, I'm surprised that (a) we don't already have it and (b) that you really are the only person that's ever requested this.

As for 'bloat' ware. What we don't want is buttons, bells and whistles that confuse the UI for everyone. But we do add features if they make sense and can be hidden away somewhere so they're not "in your face". Or, to be more precise, not in the faces of others that don't want them.

Leave this one with me. I'll see what I can do.

By: Stephen CohrsPosted on: Mar 5 2021 at 07:43:19 AM
Ian. Appreciate your consideration. In an environment with ever-changing items, I'm surprised it hasn't been requested by now. The search function is there already, in the item so it's adding UI to it to make it usable.

Suggestion: In the Components OR Assemblies list, if you were to Click on the Arrow to reveal additional functions, you might have a Replace menu item. When you selected that, it would ask you to enter the Replacement Item part number and then display the Item to confirm. Then it would do a Where Used search to present a list of where the Replacement item could be used. You would Select items from the list or Select All, and click OK.

By: LeoPosted on: Mar 10 2021 at 09:12:21 AM
I've been using the complete work-around Stephen mentioned on Mar 4 for a while now. I save the old part as a new part (that then gets the label of old or obsolete.) Then edit that original part number with the new info. It works, but...

So, that new feature would be welcome by me as well. I haven't done it a ton of times, but more than a few.

By: MichaelPosted on: Jan 16 2023 at 10:11:24 AM
Just wanted to add my vote for this feature to be added.

By: PaulPosted on: Mar 25 2023 at 11:44:28 AM
I am just getting started with MiniMRP. I like what I see. A save as feature would be very nice. I have a few assemblies that are almost identical to each other. If I could pull up one assembly and do a save as and save it as another assembly, then edit the BofM to include only the parts on the target assembly, it could be a time saver.

I suppose that I could export one assembly to csv, edit the csv file and then import the new assembly. That almost gets us there.

By: SupportPosted on: Mar 27 2023 at 04:27:18 AM
In the Assembly Editor go to the button at the top and there is a 'Save As' button.

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