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Topic:   Field Name changes

By: Guest_DirkPosted on: May 7 2020 at 09:56:53 PM
Hello MINIERP Team
First I like the Software Tool and Pricing!
Is it possible by Administrator rights to re-name fields for special use?
We are in electronic manufacturing business and need do define some fields (Components and build units) by our-self.

Best regards

By: SupportPosted on: May 8 2020 at 09:08:52 AM
Hello Dirk,

Select any items and go to the Item Detail window - that's the window where you can edit the description etc. In that window you see a row of tabs across the middle of the display. One of them is "Custom Fields". To begin with each of the customer fields has no name. Just a question mark. Delete the question mark and enter a name for the field.

You don't need to name the new field for every part - just name it once and then that name appears everywhere.

When viewing a Bill of Materials BOM go to the burger menu and select the option to show/hide columns. You can now make your new column appear in BOMs

I hope this helps?

By: Guest_DirkPosted on: May 8 2020 at 07:19:41 PM
Thank's for the fast answer.
I will try it.

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Topic:- Field Name changes

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