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Topic:   Feature Request

By: MichaelPosted on: Jul 12 2023 at 11:45:09 AM
If possible could an additional column for "Last Updated" be added to the "Suppliers" tab on the "View/Edit" screen?

Right now we have almost no visibility on when a price was entered so our buyers do not know if an item needs to be requoted or not. We are defaulting to requoting everything and we are having our suppliers question why we need a new quote so soon. This could also be pretty useful information to have on the screen while entering a PO.

By: GuestPosted on: Jul 14 2023 at 04:57:08 AM
WYSIWYG - Nothing new being added to this software. There is always a reason "Not" to improve, and a apparent user base defending that position.

By: GuestPosted on: Jul 14 2023 at 08:52:34 AM
Their usual defence is that if they keep adding features it will quickly stop being a MINI mrp.

I suppose if they were charging a price per month as many other software house do then they'd maybe keep improving to keep existing user base happy and paying that fee every month.

But I, for one, like the fact that I bought the software quite a few years ago. I liked the feature set that I paid for at that time and I haven't paid a cent since then and it still does what I need.

By: GuestPosted on: Jul 14 2023 at 12:26:30 PM
They helped me out the other day and fixed a bug. They are still working on the software to some degree.

I agree it is pretty good software but if I could get just a few features added we would never have a reason to change and I would happily pay an upgrade fee for just a few more features.

By: GuestPosted on: Jul 17 2023 at 07:54:35 AM
I'm don't work for minimrp but I do have some database and programming skills.

People keep asking for things that sound simple but are not simple.

Take the question posted by Michael at the very top of this page. An additional field or column on the display sounds easy. It actually is easy. But that data needs to be stored somewhere. More than likely it would need a new column in the database to store that data. The column doesn't exist so would need to be added. This would mean a breaking update. By breaking I mean a break in version compatibility. A user with the update tries to write to a database that has not been updated will crash. Its basically a support nightmare.

Such breaking updates likely ONLY occur between major version changes. So, 4 to 5 or 5 to 6. It's not going to happen between 5.0.123 and 5.0.124

By: GuestPosted on: Jul 17 2023 at 08:46:33 AM
There is a column in the tblitemsupplier table where the supplier price information is stored titled LastUpdate. Its just populated by zeros.

By: GuestPosted on: Jul 19 2023 at 03:39:40 AM
Great, i will look forward to version 6 then, when is that happening, what features that people have been asking for will be included?

By: GuestPosted on: Jul 20 2023 at 08:40:10 AM
If we can have a field showing the last date the price was last changed then we should also get a history of changes. The date something changed doesn't help much if it was just a change to the UOM or the lead time. I'd like to know what changed and what it changed from/to

By: SupportPosted on: Jul 20 2023 at 08:54:30 AM

Guest said
There is a column in the tblitemsupplier table where the supplier price information is stored titled LastUpdate. Its just populated by zeros.

In reply to Guest's question. Many of the tables in the MiniMRP database have a .LastUpdate column and in many other tables it does get populated with data - or zeroed - during runtime.

The column is there to manage a technical difference between MS SQL Server and MySQL/MariaDB.

Basically it's a Unix timestamp and number of records affected by the last SQL UPDATE query. But nobody needs to worry about that. It's there for a reason - or zero for a reason and it's not available to store the date of the last price change.

By: SupportPosted on: Jul 29 2023 at 02:14:51 PM
How about a 'Comments' column to that item supplier grid. Free text so you can but a date in it if you wish.

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