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Topic:   Extended BOM - Kitting List

By: DavePosted on: Apr 23 2020 at 10:03:52 AM
How do I print an extended BOM for a WO (ie a kitting list). The numbers I need appear as Required on the Components list, but I would like to print out what I need to supply to have say 25 of an assembly built.

By: SupportPosted on: Apr 23 2020 at 01:13:01 PM
Hello Dave. When you create a WO to build, for example, 25 and you go to the BOM for that work order all the quantities will be m=multiplied up to the quantities required to build 25.

Isn't that working?

By: DavePosted on: Apr 23 2020 at 03:46:38 PM
Sorry I did not see it.

By: SupportPosted on: Apr 24 2020 at 04:12:38 AM
Also, if you don't want to process a work order - lets say you're just curious about what materials would be required to make 25 assemblies and what would be the cost - Just open the list of assembies, click the one you're interested in with the RIGHT mouse button and select the option to view MultiLevel PartsList. This oepn s a BOM for qty of 1 (one) assembly. In the top right corner is a box showing the number [1]. Change that to [25] and click the refresh button. This recalculates everything and shows the qtys and cost to build 25.

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Topic:- Extended BOM - Kitting List

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