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Topic:   Duplicate Work Orders

By: AnitaPosted on: Feb 17 2021 at 07:16:07 AM
We are noticing that Work Orders seem to be duplicating allocations against parts. An example is that the Work Order has allocated 1 part 3 times, instead of just once. What is the likely cause of this?

By: SupportPosted on: Feb 17 2021 at 09:48:20 AM
Does the item appear multiple times in the Work Order/BOM? For example a common item that appears in different levels or different sub assemblies?

I couldn't be certain without seeing the actual data so, if you want, you could take a backup and send that in and we'll take a look.

By: AnitaPosted on: Feb 19 2021 at 08:35:38 AM
Thank you. I will ask our engineers.

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Topic:- Duplicate Work Orders

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