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Topic:   Deleting mistakes in the database

By: GuestPosted on: Oct 5 2017 at 03:41:35 PM
I just started my trial and ended up with and endless loop for the first BOM (I believe the "position" field was incorrect and caused this). I tried to delete the whole assembly and start over but was unsuccessful. How do I reset the database with regard to my these specific part numbers?

By: GuestPosted on: Oct 5 2017 at 03:45:56 PM
I found one forum answer that involves re-installing MiniMRP---is this possible while on the 30 day trial?

By: SupportPosted on: Oct 6 2017 at 05:21:48 PM
The endless loop is not caused by the position field.

It is caused when you try to insert an assembly inside itself. For example if assembly_b is a sub assembly inside assembly_a is no problem but if you then insert assembly_a inside assembly_b then, in effect assembly_a is inside itself.

Just go into the assembly editor and look at it carefully and you'll see it. If you're stuck then please go to the tools menu, database, make a backup and send the backup file to us and we'll take a look and tell you where you've gone wrong.

If however you do really want to delete everything then yes you can delete the database as explained in the other post. Yes. Is possible also in the trial period.

But deleting the whole database is a bit extreme. Take a look in the assembly editor and look to se which assembly is mentioned more than once in the wrong place.

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Topic:- Deleting mistakes in the database

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