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Topic:   Deleting all suppliers and suppliers part numbers

By: StevePosted on: Sep 22 2019 at 10:16:47 AM
A customer I'm working for would like to use a copy of my MiniMrp database as a reference tool to access all the drawings that are linked to it.
Is it possible to strip out all the Supplier and suppliers part number information without manually going through all the items individually? I may need to this more than once as the project is very large and not yet complete.

By: SupportPosted on: Sep 23 2019 at 06:15:08 AM
In the menu to the left of the program window you see the 'Contacts' menu. If you go in there and delete all of your suppliers then that would also delete supplier's part numbers from each item.

But you won't be able to delete a supplier if you have purchase orders in your database. So you'd need to delete all the purchase orders as well.

You'll probably want to delete all the purchase orders anyway because they also contain the supplier's part number and the prices you paid.

By: StevePosted on: Sep 23 2019 at 09:21:19 AM
Hi Support,

Thank you, sounds perfect.


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Topic:- Deleting all suppliers and suppliers part numbers

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