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Topic:   Customise the print layout

By: STPosted on: Dec 20 2022 at 08:24:39 AM
1) Currently when I print a "Customer Order" or a "Completed Delivery" there is a large blank space at the top left of the page. Is there a way I can put our company logo in there?

2) I can print an "Invoice" but ideally I want an option to have it print with an additional box containing our information for exporting (EORI, HSC, CPC, Preferential Origin, etc). Is there a way to make new layouts? So when you print an invoice or customer order you can choose which layout you want to print it in?

Essentially I am hoping this program has a basic version of SAGE: Report Designer.

By: SimonQPosted on: Dec 21 2022 at 02:27:43 AM
1) Click on the Setup/Tools menu item and then the Setup icon.
You can upload a logo which will appear in the "top left of the Customer if you printed documents".

2) When editing a customer order, there is a box bottom left of the screen. You can put in six lines of text, which will print on "the Customer Order and Delivery documents". I don't know if that includes the invoice as I don't use them. If it does then you could cut and paste from a text file as necessary.

I hope that helps.

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Topic:- Customise the print layout

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