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Topic:   Customer Work Order - Does not drive or show a shortage for an assembly

By: Steve M.Posted on: Sep 10 2018 at 10:44:22 PM
I created a customer work order. This work order is for a top level BOM with a combination of sub-assemblies and component level parts. When I view the customer works order and ask for it to show shortages, I only see the inventory item parts as a shortage (or required) and not any of the assemblies as a shortage. Since the assembly is a 'make' part and not a purchase part, does miniMRP not automatically create a 'sub level' work order for the assembly? (I can't see any work orders for the sub assemblies in the work orders/WIP tab). I assume since I can't see any automatically opened work orders that this will have to be done automatically.
Also, I do not see a number in the required column of the needed sub-assembly in the 'all assemblies' tab. Any reason why not?

Thanks in advance...

By: SupportPosted on: Sep 11 2018 at 11:43:30 AM
MiniMRP has two types of Assembly.

Assembly Types

If your sub assemblies are type 'ASSY' then MiniMRP assumes they won't be OnHand in your inventory and will be built as part of the same works order.

If your sub assembly is type 'CSAS' (Closed Sub ASsembly) then MiniMRP assumes that they will exist/be OnHand in your inventory and when you issue the works order the quantity of sub assemblies will be reduced in your inventory.

CSAS sub assemblies should appear as Shortages if there's not enough available 'on the shelf'. If these don't appear as shortage then please let me know.

By: Steve M.Posted on: Sep 11 2018 at 09:18:22 PM
If I could type the embarrassed emoji I would. After I read your post, I read the users guide where it talks about the difference between and ASSY and a CSAS. Thanks for the tip. Next time I will try to read a little more before hopping on to the forum.


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Topic:- Customer Work Order - Does not drive or show a shortage for an assembly

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