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Topic:   Customer Report Incorrect

By: GuestPosted on: Jul 28 2023 at 03:50:02 AM
The report "Customer" / "Deliveries Due by Given Date" is incorrect.

It is showing the "Total" value of all lines on a customer order, not the lines that are due by the dates selected, i.e. if line dates are used.

By: SupportPosted on: Jul 28 2023 at 10:50:20 AM
Thank you. We'll have this checked.

By: SupportPosted on: Jul 28 2023 at 11:23:23 AM
I don't think it's broken. It's just not showing what you expect.

It's showing the total value of unshipped items. It says that in the lower left corner of the report window.

What you want is to know the value of unshipped items but to ignore lines that fall beyond the report period.

Actually, I do agree with you. But to fix this we'd need to add more columns.3 in total.

1. Total Order Value.
2. Total value remaining to be shipped
3. Value of unshipped items that should have been shipped in the report period.

Need to put this in the ToDo list

By: GuestPosted on: Jul 29 2023 at 06:01:31 AM
Thank you.

Although could all three things be dealt with simply by changing the report dates. If you want to know the total order value, just set the date period long.

All I expected was to see just lines waiting to be shipped within the period selected, but, based on line dates.


By: SupportPosted on: Jul 29 2023 at 07:14:16 AM
I do agree with you. Your expectations are valid.

But after 25 years a lot of people expect to see what they're currently seeing. We can't ask them all to run the report again with different dates to get the information they currently have.

You are the only person to ever ask for this.

But. As I said. I agree with you. The information you want is interesting. My idea of multiple columns would be the way to show that information without asking everyone else to change the way they work just to give you the information you want.

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Topic:- Customer Report Incorrect

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