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Topic:   Customer Orders / Work Orders

By: STPosted on: Jun 9 2022 at 06:47:16 AM
Before I go and mess up our database could someone confirm/correct me if I have this sequence of tasks correct?

1) A customer emails me an order for 1 x Item A.
2) I create a "Customer Order" for 1 x Item A.
3) I create a "Work Order" for 1 x Item A.This reserves the items in the BOM of Item A.
4) My team physically builds 1 x Item A.
5) I update the "Work Order" to "Build". This removes the items in the BOM from stock and inserts 1 x Item A into stock.
6) I update the "Customer Order" to "Deliver". This removes 1 x Item A from stock.
7) My team physically dispatches 1 x Item A via our courier.

My other question is, can stage (6) be completed without first completing stage (5)? I'm hoping the system won't allow this to happen due to a lack of stock, forcing me to complete the Work Order first rather than allowing it and resulting in the BOM stock remaining unchanged and the Item A stock to show as minus 1.

By: SupportPosted on: Jun 10 2022 at 02:41:50 AM

#3 Creating a Work rder does not 'Reserve' anything. Going into the work order and "Allocate" it tells minimrp what you're planning to do so, I suppose, the items are reserved at that stage but they're not physically blocked. You could still take the components and use them elsewhere. "Allocate" just allows MiniMRP to generate shortage reports.

The Work Order can then be put into the "Issue/WIP" state. This removes all components from the inventory.
The Work Order can then be put into the "Complete" state. This puts the finished assembly into your inventory.

All stages of the work order can be skipped so you can create a work order and go straight to completion. if you do this then the components are take out and the finished assemblies are put into your inventory.

You can then deliver the finished assembly to the customer.

Yes. You can ship to the customer even if no stock exists and the OnHand quantity will go negative. MiniMRP

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Topic:- Customer Orders / Work Orders

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