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Topic:   Customer Orders effect on Inventory

By: StephenPosted on: Oct 28 2019 at 03:36:10 PM
I was hoping that simply creating and delivering a Customer Order would reduce inventory rather than go through the WO process but it didn't. My order will almost always have several item in it.
Is there a simple way to create, ship and record an order and keep the inventory up to date?

By: StephenPosted on: Oct 28 2019 at 03:39:19 PM
By the way, many of the items in the order are multi-level assemblies plus some components.

By: StephenPosted on: Oct 28 2019 at 05:22:14 PM
I found the answer. Process per doc. 'Work order in response to a line Customer Order'
1. Create the Customer Order with multiple lines.
2. Edit each line in the Order - Create a WO for each ASSY.
3. Process the WO to Issue Materials.
4. Deliver the Customer Order.

Make Sense?

By: GuestPosted on: Oct 29 2019 at 04:09:03 AM

If you needed to ship, for example, 3 different assemblies ASSY_1, ASSY_2 and ASSY_3 to a customer then you create a customer order and then ship to the customer. When you ship the order the onhand quantity of ASSY_1, ASSY_2 and ASSY_3 will be reduced in your inventory. This assumes that the ASSYs already exist in your inventory.

If you need to build the ASSYs then you do of course need to create WORK ORDERS to generate a BOM and build the assemblies.

You can create work orders within the customer order. For example the Work Order to build ASSY_1

The work order has 3 stages, (1) Planning (allocation), (2) Issue/WIP, 3 Completed.

When your work order goes into the planning/allocation stage MiniMRP can include your future requirements in shortage reports telling you if/when you have enough components to complete the orders and what you need to buy. It even pre-populates purchase orders so you can select suppliers and creates purchase orders quickly.

When your work order goes through the ISSUE/WIP stage all of the materials/components will be reduced in your inventory

When the work order to build ASSY_1 goes into the Completed stage the on hand quantity of ASSY_1 is increased in your inventory.

You can now ship the completed ASSY_1 to the customer and that reduces the on hand quantity of ASSY_1 from your inventory.

By: StephenPosted on: Oct 29 2019 at 07:09:35 AM
Thanks for the help. We decided to not use built assemblies in our process for now because the program cant really handle the inventory calculations way we use the program (some are prebuilt and athers aren't). We got a lot of help from Support on this and it requires program changes.
So everything is just picked from Inventory via the Customer Order.
We have multi level assemblies as well and I expect it is blowing down to the PART level to draw from inventory because we don't uses CASA type and we arent building anything to stock.
Once the Customer Order is 'Delivered' is there any other treatment the Customer Order or Work Order requires? (Closed etc.) We want to be able to list it and we invoice separately.

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Topic:- Customer Orders effect on Inventory

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