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Topic:   Custom Filter For Multiple items

By: MaryPosted on: Jul 27 2020 at 11:53:44 AM
I need to filter to a specific list of components. The filter options are 1. Starts with 2. Contains and 3. blank (to populate a part number).
Is there a way to put in a list of multiple part numbers, so it returns the parts you want, and thus you can easily identify and change those parts? (And not filter one at a time.) I have version 5.0.

By: SupportPosted on: Jul 31 2020 at 01:34:25 PM
Sorry no. I'm not sure how often people would need that. As it is you can search for partial text within any column so if you items contained a common word or some other common text within, for example, the description you could filter on that.

But the ability to enter multiple part numbers and search for all of them at once isn't possible.

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Topic:- Custom Filter For Multiple items

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