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Topic:   Create Assembly in decimal number, and thousand separate for currency

By: KVPosted on: May 1 2019 at 10:37:42 PM
Hi support team,

I am manufacturing products in kg, so sometimes the order is in 100.20 kg, is there anyway to make workorder as required?

I am working with currency in whole number, e.g. 20,104,000. Is there anyway to set the view currency like that instead of eye soring: 20104000.00 ?

By: SupportPosted on: May 2 2019 at 02:35:35 AM
Work Order Quantities such as 100.20kg Sorry. That's not (currently) possible. MiniMRP assumes you'll build whole quantities.
I will put this into the suggestion box - maybe we can add this capability in a future update.
I am curious though. I could understand a collection of ingredients to make a batch of 1.5kg or 2.5kg but your example of 100.20kg is strange - what kind of product are you building? No problem, I'm just curious. If we understand what users are doing it helps us develop the software to meet those requirements. For example is that 0.20 a kind of 'excess' that is expected to be lost in order to guarantee a 100kg batch? Or what?

Your second question about currency. I agree. thousand separator would make that easier to see. I've put this into the suggestion box for a future update.

By: KVPosted on: May 2 2019 at 10:41:31 PM
Hi Support Team,

My process is making incense. I can prepare "Assembly" with the formular for 100kg products, but I use "Work Order" to record my daily production, and each day, the product quantity can be different and not whole number. My purpose of work order is different the what miniMRP designed for, I am wondering if there is any suggestion for my case of daily production?

Thanks much!

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Topic:- Create Assembly in decimal number, and thousand separate for currency

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