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Topic:   Country of Origin

By: AnitaPosted on: Feb 22 2021 at 03:45:36 AM
It is becoming necessary for our business to state the country of origin for the inventory we are holding. Is there a way of adding a custom field to accommodate this?

By: SupportPosted on: Feb 22 2021 at 03:53:48 AM
When looking at the 'All Components' grid. Double click any item to open the Item detail window.

Across the middle of the page there's a row of tabs. One of these tabs is "Custom Fields".

When you open the Custom Fields tab the label of each box has a [?] question mark. That box is not not activated. Activate it by deleting the question mark end entering a new name for the field. Perhaps Country of origin?

You can now entet the coountry of origin into that box.

When viewing All Components grid or Work Order BOMs you can open the menu and select the option 'Show/Hide' columns and your new column will appear in the BOM.

By: AnitaPosted on: Feb 22 2021 at 04:28:55 AM
Thank you. This seems to have worked.

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Topic:- Country of Origin

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