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Topic:   Complete Inventory

By: GuestPosted on: Nov 16 2022 at 01:17:27 PM
What is the best method to export a full list of everything Components + Assemblies where I can select visible columns? The inventory report gives me the list of everything I want but it does not have all of the columns that I need and is not customizable as far as I can tell.

The only way I have been able to do this is to export Components then export Assemblies and combine them in excel. This is pretty tedious. The more I use this software the more I question why there are separate tabs for listing Components and Assemblies. I want a full inventory in one list.

What I really want is to be able to link the database to an Excel spreadsheet that just updates every time I open Excel. I have been trying to get this to work with the "Get Data" feature in Excel but have not been able to get this to work as described in some older posts. I am using Excel 2019 and I think it has changed since those posts were made. Should I look at getting an Access license or setting up an SQL server for this?

There are two reasons I want to be able to do this. One is to feed data to my label printing solution and Two to export COGs and current inventory valuation in a format that our accounting software can read.

By: SupportPosted on: Nov 17 2022 at 05:40:47 AM
You said the inventory report does not have all the columns. What columns do you want?

By: GuestPosted on: Nov 17 2022 at 09:08:41 AM
CustomFields #1 and Inventory UOM. Having the option for all 3 custom fields would be beneficial for the future.

By: GuestPosted on: Nov 17 2022 at 04:00:13 PM
I was able to get the Get Data working again in Excel. I think being able to select which rows you want to use on a report would be nice but I have finally figured out how to get what I wanted.


By: GuestPosted on: Nov 21 2022 at 07:40:20 AM
When looking at the All Components list there's a menu button in the top right corner. in there is an option to "Show/Hide" columns. You should be able to include other fields and the other custom fields.

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Topic:- Complete Inventory

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