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Topic:   Choosing an alternate part within a Work order

By: SimonePosted on: Mar 20 2019 at 05:08:08 AM
Before launching a work order, or during its production, I had always been taking advantage of taking, from the warehouse, components very similar to the ones in a BOM, because of their greater availability, or in lack of the expected ones (e.g. a 2,21K resistor instead of a 2,2K).

Since MiniMRP does not seem to offer the possibility to choose an alternate part before launching a work order (unless one modifies the assembly list), I suggest - hopefully in a close upgrade - to foresee that one could replace some components directly from the BOM of a work order, wether in progress or not. The previously allocated/issued material shuld be automatically reloaded into the inventory, and the new items allocated/issued immediately.

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Topic:- Choosing an alternate part within a Work order

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