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Topic:   Changing Category Name

By: GuestPosted on: Mar 28 2023 at 06:16:53 PM
Is there any way within MRP of changing an exisiting category name without creating a new one?

By: GuestPosted on: Mar 30 2023 at 04:30:37 AM
Yes. In the menu bar at the left of the program window go to "Components", "Components by Category".

That brings up a list of all your categories showing the number of items in each category. There's a little [+] symbol allowing you to expand a category to view all the items within that category.

Make sure that all categories are NOT expanded so the list is only showing category names.
To the right of the program window is a "Lock" button. Unlock that.
Now you can click into the category name cell and edit it.

That's it.

By: GuestPosted on: Mar 30 2023 at 04:32:18 AM
If you've been fiddling with the expand/collapse while unlocked then you may need to lock and unlock before trying to edit the cell

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Topic:- Changing Category Name

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