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Topic:   Change database location

By: Mark MouldingPosted on: Mar 19 2020 at 06:54:44 PM
By default, it appears that MiniMRP5 places the database in a subdirectory of its Program Files (x86) directory. Technically, I don't think Microsoft recommends putting any writable files in that location, but what matters to me is that I'd like that data file within my normal "Documents" folder, so that my backup routine will find it.

As it is now, I either need to make a copy of it into somewhere in my Documents directory, add this single file to my backup list, or move the entire MiniMRP5 folder into my Documents folder (ugly, and screws up shortcuts, the uninstaller, and presumably updates).

What's my best option?

By: GuestPosted on: Mar 20 2020 at 08:36:27 AM
I'm using Pro version which has a database setup option which allows the default data file to be stored anywhere without moving the program itself or the program folder.

In my case though I'm using minimrp with MS SQL Server where I just give the server name and it connects. Which brings me back to the first point. I'm sure you know that Microsoft stores its own data files in the Program Files folder in writable sub folders. So, using third party backup tools I still need to point the backup schedule at the c:/program files/../MSSQL/DATA/ folder. so, Microsoft not even following its own recommendations. No wonder developers copy the same methodology.

Although, if you did want to put it in the documents folder then copying (not moving) the minimrp program folder and editing the desktop shortcut to point at the program in the new location would not have been a problem either.

By: GuesMAttPosted on: Mar 25 2020 at 04:06:20 AM
I'm also using the pro version and as previous poster said that has an option allowing the data file to be placed anywhere on the drive or even the network. I've got around 8 users and to begin with I was using that method to point everyone at the data file on my network team folder. But then some people started updating their version so although we're all using v5 some were using different revisions. Didn't notice any problems but I'd prefer it if everyone was using the same revision.

So I went back to the method recommended by minimrp standard version. Copy of the whole program folder on the shared drive and everyones desktop shortcut pointing at the one executable program in that shared folder. This means everyone is automatically using the exact same exe version/revision and any update is just needs to be installed once into that shared folder.

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Topic:- Change database location

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