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Topic:   Can I use command line shortcut to a PO/item?

By: GuestPosted on: Feb 27 2020 at 02:51:22 AM
I'd like to be taken straight to an item/menu using a desktop shortcut without going through the menus. Is this possible?
I'm using v4.2 standard edition

By: GuestPosted on: Feb 28 2020 at 03:40:24 PM
I'm not sure this would be a good feature. If your database contains 1000's of items are you saying that you could, potentially, have a 100 desktop shortcuts?

In v5 you can go to the All Components list. Searching and filtering within that list is better than it was in v4. Also , in v5 you can open the item by simply double-clicking it in the list (In v4 you had to click the [>] button and select 'View' from the menu. So, v5 has fewer clicks to get where you want to go. But desktop shortcuts to each item in your database isn't possible

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Topic:- Can I use command line shortcut to a PO/item?

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