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Topic:   Can an item type be changed after it has been used?

By: CQPosted on: Aug 3 2018 at 03:05:17 PM
Say I have an assembly and I want to change it to a purchased part from a supplier. Can the item type be changed from asy to part after it has been used as an asy?

By: Mike URoboticsPosted on: Aug 4 2018 at 10:07:57 AM
Yes. Just change the type to PART.

We do this with a few of our sub assemblies. We set it as ASSY to edit the BOM. Print out the BOM and send that to the supplier. Change the type back to PART and then we treat it just like any other purchased PART.

But the great thing is MiniMRP doesn't forget the BOM. You don't see it, PARTs don't have BOMs, but the BOM is still there. Just change the item to ASSY and the BOM is available and can be edited etc just like any other assembly.

So, switching between ASSY and PART is no problem. Well, not in my version anyway.

By: CQPosted on: Aug 5 2018 at 04:06:04 PM
Thanks so much!

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Topic:- Can an item type be changed after it has been used?

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