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Topic:   BOM Electronic PCB

By: GuestPosted on: Sep 14 2020 at 04:35:58 AM
We are in electronic business PCBA, we have the following problem by part/componet references.
Sample: R12,R14,R15, R23 --> same value, same part type
how we can handle this by your software.
I can send you a sample file to see such structure


By: GuestPosted on: Sep 15 2020 at 03:32:09 AM

The quick answer is yes. Component part references can be handled in BOMs within MiniMRP.

In MiniMRP you have components. The part number, description, supplier, price etc. These are "constant". Of course it can be edited and prices change but we think of then as constant in that they doesn't change when a item appears on different BOMs. This data is entered in the "Inventory" components area of the software. It only needs entering once.

Your Reference/Designator (The R12, R14, R15 etc that you mentioned) is "variable". By that I mean that if you have a common resistor then that resistor will probably be used in many different product BOMs and in each BOM the part number, description, manufacturer and vendor data etc are always the same (They're constant). But the variables (the required quantity and reference/designator) will likely be different in each BOM where that common resistor appears.

So. Constants (part number, description etc) are entered only once in the inventory/component detail
BOM Required quantity and reference designator (ie the variables) are entered differently in each Assembly where the item appears.

You didn't mention it above but in your email you asked about importing from CSV. (CSV generated by a CAD package). Yes MiniMRP can handle that.

Look in the menu to the left of the program window. You see the 'Inventory' menu group. In that group you see a button to import inventory from CSV. I'd suggest doing that first to import the item's part number, description, vendor, vendor's price. Manufacturer etc. ie all of the constants. You only need to do this once just to get the items into the database.

Now look in the menu and see the "Assemblies" menu group. In there you see that you can import assemblies (BOMs) This 'import' one has less columns. It doesn't need to ask for vendor and manufacturer data. That information is already in the database. It just needs the part number. The required quantity (ie how many of that part in this BOM) and the reference/designator.

That "Assemblies" import thing might be called an "Import" but it's not actually importing anything now. The items already exist in your inventory. The Assembly import is simply telling MiniMRP how the components are related.

There's other ways to do it and over time you may switch the way you do it but, I think, the above method is the clearest way for me to explain it.

Make a backup. Have a play. When it goes wrong restore the backup. Once you get the hang of building or importing it's pretty quick.

By: GuestPosted on: Sep 15 2020 at 03:35:49 AM
Thank's for the fast answer and I will try it

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Topic:- BOM Electronic PCB

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