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Topic:   ASSY / CSAS and correct shortage reports

By: Simone ZPosted on: Sep 14 2021 at 05:34:27 AM
Hello and thanks for this nice software.

In production, we often prepare some items as semi-finished products, while awaiting orders from customers. Once arrived, these are completed with further parts, to form the finished products that will be sold and unloaded from the warehouse.

If I have understood the concepts of "assembly" (ASSY) and "closed sub-assembly" (CSAS), I should use CSAS for semi-finished products, so that, when starting a new work order for a “finished product”, the semi-finished products already in the warehouse are used first.

At this point, if some semi-finished products were missing, I would expect the program to automatically launch the production of those included in the assembly of the finished product and that, by querying the shortage function for components, it would show not only the list of the single ones that may be present in the parent list of the finished product, but also those necessary to build the missing semi-finished products.

What seems to happen, however, is that the shortage function for components reports only those present in the parent list of the finished product, if missing. To also obtain the list of those necessary to produce the missing linked semi-finished products, it would seem necessary to first consult the shortage function for assemblies (from menu: Shortages> Assemblies> Allocated shortages) and then launch one or more production orders dedicated to these latter: only then these missing components too will appear in the list created by the shortage function for components.

So, am I using the program in the wrong way, or this operating mode I have in mind could be useful to others and perhaps be implementable in the software?

Another thing that I think useful is to prevent the production (issue / build) when, after the allocation phase, negative quantities of components or semi-finished products are detected, which is currently not the case. Could you explain why?

Thank you in advance for a detailed explanation


By: SupportPosted on: Sep 15 2021 at 03:09:00 AM
Your first question about CSAS for your partially build products. No. you're not using the program the wrong way. When you process the work order to build the finished product MiniMRP should flag a shortage of the missing CSAS assemblies. It would not automatically build those that are short. It's up to you to see the shortage and build the missing CSAS assemblies on a separate work order.

Your second question about preventing issue/build if any components would go into negative quantities. Again. That's just the way MiniMRP has always worked for the last 25+ years and if we changed that now I fear it would confuse a lot of people.

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Topic:- ASSY / CSAS and correct shortage reports

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