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Topic:   are licenses concurrent or individual

By: GuestPosted on: Feb 10 2021 at 10:55:03 PM
are user licenses for the amount of concurrent users or does every individual person need one even if only one person uses the program at a time?

By: MikePosted on: Feb 16 2021 at 03:26:48 AM
I think it's per user.

I have a 5 user pack but due to the pandemic we're mostly working from home so I asked them if my 5 users were allowed to install the software on a laptop or computer at home using same licence key as on their computer in the office. They said that was no problem because it's obvious that the same user could not be in both places at the same time.

We have 5 users with 10 or more computers and because of user location it's quite easy to be sure that no more than 5 are connected at any one time.

I imagine that if you had 5 users sharing one licence it could get a little confusing trying to schedule or time-share that in such a way that only one person was connected at any one time.

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Topic:- are licenses concurrent or individual

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