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Topic:   All component list with where used

By: MikePosted on: Mar 5 2024 at 01:59:27 PM
Hi There, I need to give my turn-key board assembly house a list of the 300 components we use, that shows in what assembly and the amount needed for each assembly. The component list has a column for "Used In", but nothing fills in. Each individual component shows a "Used On", but I don't want to export or print out 300 parts one at a time. I must be missing something, because I'd think this would be a pretty standard thing. Anybody know what I'm missing?

By: SupportPosted on: Mar 11 2024 at 11:23:17 AM
As I said in email a few days ago (answering here in case anyone else has a similar question)

Your 'Used On' column is not one of our default columns. You must have added it yourself with the intention of populating it yourself.

We do have a Used In field in the item detail window. Go to all Components. Double click on a part number to open the item detail window. Across the middle of the Item Detail window you have a row of tab. One of them is "Used In".

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Topic:- All component list with where used

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