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Topic:   Additional inventory to a works order

By: GuestPosted on: Apr 29 2020 at 03:11:23 AM
Some of our assemblies are customisable, is there a way to add additional inventory items
to a customer work order.

By: SupportPosted on: Apr 29 2020 at 05:40:54 AM
A Work Order has a number of different stages.

1. Allocated
2. Issued/WIP
3. Completed/Finished

If a work order was created but not allocated or issued yet then you can simply change the assembly's parts list to add the items. When you then move the work order into any of the stages it'll pick up the edits.

If a work order is in the 'Allocated' stage and you make an edit, add items, to the assembly's parts list then it won't change the allocation (the new items won't be allocated) but when you move the work order to the 'Issued/WIP' stage it will pick up the new items/edits.

If a work order is in the Issued/WIP stage then it's assumed you've taken all the materials/inventory and have already started building the assembly. if you edit the assembly's parts list at this stage then it won't affect what you've already started building. The new items won't be added to the build.

If you have started or even completed a work order and need to undo it - for example you've made a change to an assembly where the work order was already issued - you can undo it and take the stages back to the start and re-issue so that it used a new parts list to pull the new parts list from inventory. Go to the list of work orders. Right click the work order you're interested in and a small menu pops up. Select the option to UnDo. So, if it was Issued or even completed you can undo it and go back to the start and re-issue.

But I do want to add that having customizable assemblies isn't ideal if multiple customers receive the same assemblies. a Customization for one customer would affect other customer's work orders if those other work orders weren't issued yet.

If you have a standard assembly and different customers get a slightly different version of that assembly then I'd suggest looking at creating different revisions of the assembly and/or sub assemblies for each customer.

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Topic:- Additional inventory to a works order

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