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miniMrp is a one-time purchase.
No annual or repeat subscriptions
or other support contracts.

No hidden/additional costs.

Inventory, mini MRP and Multi-Level Bill of Materials for less than $200 per user.

miniMRP4.0 for Windows 8 (Desktop) Windows 7, Vista and XP is a new easy to use inventory manager with Bill of Materials and other additional features usually only found in larger ERP/MRP systems,

If you need an Inventory Manager with Multi-Level BOM capability but don't want the bother and associated running costs of an oversized ERP/MRP system then there's a good chance that miniMrp is all the software you're looking for.

miniMrp includes purchasing, customer orders, works orders, multi-level bills of material, shortage forecasting and many more MRP-Like features in an easy-to-use Inventory Manager costing less than $200 per user.

Take your free trial right now and see for yourself.

The trial version is fully funtional - Enter as much real data as you want - any data you create during your trial is not lost once you purchase the fully licensed software.

More information about miniMrp ? Take a quick 2 minute tour . information about mrp
Or Browse the online user-manual here   bom software

miniMRP may look like a small package but that's because it doesn't waste space on the features that nobody uses anyway.

Why maintain an overweight, over-complex ERP/MRP system when all you really want is something that will manage an unlimited number of inventory items and when required, build, manage and cost single and multilevel parts lists and Bills of Material of almost any number of levels or complexity.


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2 - 4 users

5 - 9 users

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